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Back Channel Empress (mango-raspberry fruited wheat beer).

This really hit the spot given the weather yesterday. Normally, their Empress line (which varies flavors) isn’t up my alley, depending on the fruits used, but this one, I actually ordered a second one.

Arclight Brewing BA Hail To The Darkness (double/imperial porter, aged in Heaven Hill barrels).

Got this one from Diesel on here, as a random gift. Pretty solid sipper, and light on the ABV at about 9%, given the style.

Falling Knife Dark Ritual (Bourbon Barrel-Aged Chocolate-Covered Cherry Stout with Ghanian & Honduran Cacao and Cherries):

Visited FK a couple weeks ago, it’s in the old Northgate Brewing spot. Saw this, and um, YES PLEASE, I WILL BUY A BOTTLE. Sounded amazing, and it lives up to the hype. You get ALL the flavors, very nicely balanced. A little strong at 13.6% ABV, so I think this will be a 4-pour bottle, maybe a 5-pour. Definitely an afternoon commitment.