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davescharf wrote:

I probably should have gotten something other than two fruit forward beers there. I got drawn into Cherry-Lime and Peach which happen to be two of my favorite flavors in beer.

Those sound yummy!

I love fruit beers, especially fruit sours and the smoothie beers. It’s exciting as someone who doesn’t like regular beer at all, to have so much more available options at (most) breweries.

Tonight I’m working on a couple lactose sours (Tan Lines, a mango/peach/lemonade mix pastry sour, and next up will be Pillow Talk, a raspberry sour) from Pulpit Rock (Decorah, IA). Interestingly we road trip to breweries (usually coinciding with hockey trips) but there are so many locally I still have not visited.

Out of curiosity, what’s the difference between a kettle sour and a pastry sour?