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sunbone wrote:

davescharf wrote:

Went to Arbiter and Venm brewing this afternoon. I really liked the beers at Arbiter…all their lagers were very well made and the Roggenbier with Rye was excellent

I wasn’t that impressed with Venm. Tried a couple of their sours and the watermelon goose but they were just fine

Now we are at La Dona Cerveceria.

I was at Venn a couple weeks ago and really liked the beers I tried. But I never drink sours or watermelon flavored beers, so that might have something to do with it. 😉

I probably should have gotten something other than two fruit forward beers there. I got drawn into Cherry-Lime and Peach which happen to be two of my favorite flavors in beer.

I thought La Dona was pretty solid. Their Mescal BA Imperial Stout was quite good and even my wife really liked it