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Steve MN wrote:

The Rube wrote:

Steve MN wrote:

I can honestly say I’ve never drain-poured a whiskey… no whiskey I’ve ever bought has been bad enough I couldn’t use it in a cocktail with enough mixer to make it acceptable.

Beer? Yeah, dumped plenty, and not just growlers that sat in the fridge for way too long, either. (And, by way too long, I mean… 18 months)

I wish I coulda drain-poured Black Velvet (shot form). Took a shot of vodka to get rid of the taste (long story, short version was inexperienced whiskey drinker that gave a gift).

Hard to deal with in shot form, yeah.

If you take the quick sip and it doesn’t work… ask for a coke/ginger ale/etc… dump it in there and slug it down

It was at a house, not a bar. Needless to say, never BV again.