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    Edit of sorts. Just checked the beer finder for Old Nation. Hudson and Eau Claire (so good luck) and Spooner (one might have a shot there).

    Beechwood is their distributor which is decent sized. It’s just a matter of does the store order it. I’m sure someplace like Chicones would order in whatever you are looking for if they can.

    I’ll agree that sometimes the super popular releases for New Glarus move quick in certain stores in Hudson, others have it longer and if you go a bit further in like Somerset or River Falls you’d find it more easily.

    I have heard Hayward is a gold mine, also, for the fruited NG. Just far enough from the border, but big enough to get some. I’m kind of happy that all the hype is on the brown water (whiskeys) now; secondary beer prices, and the beer-hunting has taken a major dip.

    I’ve seen a fair amount of the fruited NG beers in Ashland, Washburn and Bayfield when I go up there every fall. I can’t rely on it but more often than not I find it.

    I was just in Hayward, stopped at Price Rite on Hwy 27 South — plenty of NG offerings and a sneaky good bourbon selection. They had Elijah Craig Toasted Barrel and Barrel Proof on the shelf, also a handful of other somewhat harder to find bourbons sitting out as well.

    Same with the Econo Foods on US63 in Spooner. Great selection of seemingly everything.