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Had a mini-share today with a couple friends.

Fair State FSB 2015 stout. (first year they did this one). It pretty much had fell off. Not a good aftertaste.

Fair State FSB 2016 stout. Much better, smoother overall. Could get more of the flavors throughout.

Bottle Logic Iridium Flare BA 2017. Strong honey ale w/marionberries (Superstition meadery supplied the honey). Wowzer. That one was a banger. HERE’S HONEY…and honey’s friends, who then danced around your tastebuds for a while.

Lua Autodyne Altbier: Wanted to like it more, but it tasted like someone left it out on the shelf for a day or two, got warm, then threw it back in the fridge.

Wild Minds Hanai Ohana: Smoothie sour with pineapple, orange, guava, milk sugar. I liked it, surprisingly. Would make a great beer-mosa. The fruit taste never ended. It was THICCCC.