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davescharf wrote:

gopherguy06 wrote:

Gorgeous day to be out. Biked from my SIL to Wabasha Brewing in the afternoon (22 miles total) and then stopped at Venn when driving home. Shared three flights of some pretty solid beers. I forgot how good Venn is.

I need to add Venn/Arbiter to the places to check out this summer. My wife and I are planning to take a few Fridays off to hit some taprooms we haven’t visited

I just checked out Arbeiter this past weekend and was very impressed. They’re obviously German influenced, but they had some really interesting stuff. (Interesting in a good way!)

They had a “Cold IPA” which is a style they say originated in Portland. Very West Coast style, clean and crisp. In fact that’s exactly how I’d describe the beers of theirs that I had, clean and crisp. It was a nice changeup for me, because I’ve been so into the hazy New England style for the past year or so.

And agreed with [mention]gopherguy06[/mention], I forget how good Venn is, and it’s right in my back yard.

Glad to see south Minneapolis upping it’s brewing game!