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Gorgeous day to be out. Biked from my SIL to Wabasha Brewing in the afternoon (22 miles total) and then stopped at Venn when driving home. Shared three flights of some pretty solid beers. I forgot how good Venn is.

I need to add Venn/Arbiter to the places to check out this summer. My wife and I are planning to take a few Fridays off to hit some taprooms we haven’t visited

Ditto. There are a lot of places I have not checked out, and some I want to revisit.

I think if we were blocking them out we’d look at something like the following. We could pretty easily do these on a Friday afternoon and still pick kids up from whatever summer programs are going on those weeks.

– Arbiter/Venn

– Unmapped/Boom Island (never went to the old Boom Island either)

– Waconia/Enki/Schramm

Personal opinion: don’t bother with Enki or Unmapped. They have decent spaces….uh, yeah that’s it. Boom is okay. Waconia is great all-around: talkable staff, good beer, good space for what it is. I’d also recommend Spilled Grain in Annandale, although it is a hike. Great space, great beer, talkative staff.