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davescharf wrote:

For you bourbon aficionados is Kentucky Owl worth the price they charge? I saw a couple bottles of it earlier today and I know very little about it

I’d say the Kentucky Owl Confiscated is somewhat overpriced (I usually see it in the 120+ range) for what it is. The assorted Batch releases of Kentucky Owl have been incredibly good. Whether that makes them worth the 25-300 or more is a different discussion, and is in the realm of cost/quality that it’s really hard to say, because it’s so much personal preference.

This must have been a batch release given it was $250 a bottle

The Confiscated is across the top of the label.

Dixon Dedman (the blender for Kentucky Owl, although he’s leaving) did a really good job on those batches. But, any time you get to $250 for a bottle of bourbon, it’s so much personal taste involved that I always hesitate to say if it’s worth the price.

Ideally, you’d get a pour at a bar to try it out first. Not sure if anyone has it, but Volstead in Eagan, Borough in Mpls, Parlor in either downtown, Brick & Bourbon in Maple Grove, Whiskey Inferno in Chanhassen would likely be the best bets.