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davescharf wrote:

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davescharf wrote:

Had another of the ‘push pop’ sours I got from Forager tonight. This one is called Road Rally and is Blueberry, Plum, Marshmellow Creme and Vanilla Caviar

This is hands down one of the best sour beers I’ve ever had. It drinks like a smoothie but there’s just a ton of fruit flavor in it and an almost perfect level of tartness.

I love fruit sours – that sounds amazing except for the vanilla caviar. :conf2:

I’m not sure you’d even notice it. You’d probably like a lot of these smoothie and breakfast sours that are all the rage now. I don’t really bother with finding Drekker ones but the Humble Forager ones are agood choice. Lots of others too

Are these available in stores, or from the brewery only?