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The Rube wrote:

A couple friends and I pooled some funds together, and put a bid in on a Bottle Logic 12 bottle (bomber) package, auction style. We figured out our max, etc. Right now, we have the only bid at $300. The dude is basically clearing a LOT out of his cellar. Just put up a couple more similar auctions tonight.

Won it. Now comes the waiting game, if the guy goes through with it. Won with original bid. :D

Out of the 12 bottle “draft” my buddies and I had on the Bottle Logic lot we won, this is what I ended up with. All bottles were BA. I missed out on Imperial Red and Imperial Raspberry, but that was expected. I “drafted” first choice of a bottle, then we went down the line until all bottles gone.

2017 BA Vanilla Imp Stout (standard recipe, and absolutely delicious, I cracked that one tonight)

2017 BA Breakfast Stout (Our legendary Breakfast Stout returns this year with two epic power-ups: Vermont maple syrup was added right into the brew for a beam of subtle sweetness against the earthy bitterness of barrel-aged Coldbot Coffee beans! As in 2016’s batch, this viscous 13.4% beast was aged in bourbon barrels with just a handful of Madagascar vanilla beans and will be finished on cacao nibs and Coldbot Coffee’s Salvadorian + Guatemalan coffee beans.)

2017 BA Honey Strong Ale w/marionberries (curious about this one, will be fun to try)

2018 BA Strong Ale (Something To Smile About) (This American Strong Ale was aged in Bourbon Barrels before journeying through hundreds of pounds of toasted almonds, rich cacao nibs, and marshmallowy Madagascar vanilla.)