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fightclub30 wrote:

I saw Back Channel had 4 IPAs on tap. So I thought I’d swing by and grab a crowler or two. The place was packed, a limo parked out front, standing room only I side and a line out the door, so that was a little surprising. After waiting in line the guy helping me says “No IPA crowlers, if you aren’t here on Wednesday afternoon, you’re not getting one” so still the same as before, I said I’d try another time and then he makes a comment about keeping beer to serve to those who support us in the taproom…. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize driving 25 minutes each way and buying crowlers wasn’t supporting the brewery. I’m going to cross them off my list of places to go. Completely irritated by that comment.

Why can Back Channel not keep up with crowlers? Is it just a choice to do a limited amount? Is it capacity? Constant lineup changes? Barrel Theory, Blackstack, both arguably more popular than Back Channel, regularly have crowlers when I’ve stopped by. Blackstack even updates their website so I know what is available ahead of time, can purchase online and pickup curbside. I also have no idea what you’re releasing ahead of time to know if I should stop on a particular Wednesday.

If you sell out of something every Wednesday, and have plenty of other crowler types sitting on shelves for longer, don’t you think you’d shift some production to the things that are selling out (IPAs), I get you dont want to be a one trick place, and I also don’t run a business either. I’ll just got to the places who don’t make comments about who I chose to drink their product.

Sorry for venting. 3 week old is giving me zero sleep, got clearance to go get some to-go beer from the wife and my trip was a total bust.

I’d send them a note privately on social media about your experience. I’m sure they don’t want to be treating their customers that way so they may just want to know.

Admittedly I never go there for IPA (nor anywhere for that matter) but I’ve had luck getting beer to go on weekends. It’s just too bad you continue to have those experiences with them.