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I went home to Iowa over the weekend to my hometown of Iowa Falls and had the chance to go to the new brewery that opened up there last year called Timbukbru. The original Timbukbru is located in Clarion, Iowa so this is a second location. I don’t know much about the history of the Clarion location other than it has been there for a couple of years I believe. Anyway, I only had a couple of beers there. One was a Mexican Hot Chocolate Milk Stout, solid stout with a zing up front. I didn’t take the time to ask what the zing was but it wasn’t overly hot or long lasting. I would have been really interested in trying this without the zing. The second one I drank was a Hazelnut Brown Ale, it was okay but not enough flavor compared to other Nut Brown Ales I’ve had elsewhere.

The brewery itself was a nice place though, much nicer than either place here in Mankato. They have a really nice patio layout that is just outside there two rollup glass garage doors. It’s too bad that the scenery is City Hall across the street.

If/when I decide to visit the homeland, because I really don’t have any reason to, this will probably be a nice place to stop in when I’m there.