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Can’t remember if I was actually drinking the 2019 Stagg that night, but it is (for Stagg) a slightly disappointing batch. It’s still a really good bourbon, but they’ve set the bar so high for that particular offering, that occasionally, you’re going to get something that isn’t up to what you really expect.

Yep. That extra proof sometimes brings a certain flavor that is missing from a lower proof, even when you get that high of a number. As soon as I tasted it, I figured it to be in the 120 range, not the 140 range. Still very tasty, and reasonable at $25/pour.

One day I’m just going to buy myself 1-2 very high end bottles of Scotch and Bourbon…but I promised my wife that I wouldn’t until we got rid of all the booze we’ve accumulated over our 15 years of marriage. That means I probably have about 8-10 bottles I need to empty.

I’ll do that if/when we get this next Rona money installment. I’ve purposefully have funneled all that Rona money back into the local businesses (albeit, over time). Just trying to decide if I take about $600 and buy some insane bottle (relatively, of course), or just buy 2 high enders.