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fightclub30 wrote:

Drinking a Sam Adams Wicked Hazy. For a $14 12pack, it’s pretty good. It is not up to Local 755 (best local NEIPA in my opinion), but that’s a $14 4 pack also. It also isn’t as filling either though, which is preferable sometimes.

It might not be a mainstay, but I’ll be picking it up again if it stays around this price.

Had LTD’s triple dry hopped triple NEIPA this weekend (crowler). That one is insane. My standby is still probably Lupulin’s stuff.

After a couple rough days at work, finally cracked a Flarndip from Drekker: Bourbon Barrel Aged weirdo of an Imperial Stout. Conditioned on marshmallow fluff, cacao nibs, & milk sugar. 10%, it’s more than tasty.

Also entered Toppling Goliath’s Assassin lottery, 3 year set, no proxy, specific pickup time (they are located in Decorah IA, for those that don’t know). I’ve had various Assassins at bottle shares, never had a bottle to call my own. *crossesfingers*