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MNNavy wrote:

I know it just opened yesterday, but does anyone have any input on High Pines Brewing?

Here’s a write-up from the Beer Dabbler

Most new breweries have inconsistent beer or it ranges from ‘just OK’ to ‘average’. If I go to a new place that recently opened that’s just why I walk in expecting and presume they’ll get better once they’ve been open for 6 months or so.

Some (like Barrel Theory) open up and will just blow you away with how good they are on day 1 but it’s pretty rare. Falling Knife was also very good at opening and I thought Headflyer was also better than I expected when we visited shortly after opening.

We haven’t been to many brand new breweries because of the pandemic. I think Luce Line is the only new one we’ve been to of late and they fit the ‘average’ category when we visited 2 weeks after open