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Vegoe wrote:

I talked to the local Oskar Blues rep once at a festival in 2019 and he was frustrated with trying to keep going in this market. I’m guessing it’s tough for them outside Ten Fidy to be somthing people seek out. We’re blessed right now with so many options. Support what you love.

Shelf space is finite, that’s the biggest issue out of market. (btw, their Old Chub is awesome)

Back Channel’s The Scowling Caveman – Dark Ale w/ Beechwood & Cherrywood smoked malt (6.00%)

In addition to the base version of the Scowling Caveman, we took one third of the beer and conditioned it on Chipotle & Ghost Peppers to add a subtle heat to the smoky flavor. The other third was conditioned on even more Chipotle & Ghost peppers to add a higher level of heat, yet still remain a balanced dark ale that will be a welcomed treat by any spice lovers out there. (crowlers)

I had the base this weekend, solid. Sippable. Had the medium heat tonight with the Gophers game. Nose ran a bit, a touch of sweat on the brow. Really good, but I shouldn’t have solo-domed it. Heat just kept building and building. The high heat one, I think I’ll wait and share it. A comparable heat flavor for the medium would be the Dragon’s Milk Chile Reserve.