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Passing (Netflix streaming):

Mixed-race childhood friends reunite in middle class adulthood and become increasingly involved in each other’s lives and insecurities. While Irene identifies as African-American and is married to a Black doctor, Clare “passes” as white and has married a prejudiced, wealthy white man.

Set in the 1920s and filmed in black-and-white, which was a very nice obvious start, this movie explores the identity factor in “passing as a white,” in that time frame. Some questions arise, quite literally, in the movie. Beyond that, it appears to me that this was made according to the Hays Code rather than the MPAA (the former was predecessor to the latter). I haven’t found much on that aspect, just a gut feeling.

It’s a slow movie, but that allows you to digest everything at your own pace. What is going on in the minds of the characters, how will they react? Are their thoughts and actions true to themselves? That sort of thing. It’s a good watch.