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Don’t Look Up (Netflix streaming):

Two low-level astronomers must go on a giant media tour to warn mankind of an approaching comet that will destroy planet Earth.

I thought it was brilliant. This satire skewers EVERYONE. I shall attempt to tread carefully, due to the rules on this site, and if I fail, please forgive me.

I have heard many takes (in general terms, no specifics) before watching. I was 50-50 on whether I would like this movie. The first thought was: Ok, this movie is NOT pulling punches. It’s out there, taking shots.

Second thought, the way it’s presented, was “Natural Born Killers” showing brief glimpses of images/short video (a couple seconds) of stuff that in totally unrelated to the story at hand. Happens more often than not, making it more than a coincidence.

Third thought…anyone who has a SERIOUS beef with this movie. probably was triggered (I still hate that word, it’s used too much). My…type of personality was satirized, also, and I laughed, because it was true. If one cannot laugh at oneself, etc…

I highly recommend. Great commentary as to where we are as a society. I would say prepare to be “RAH!” at some moments, and be angry at other moments. It was very well done, and I give it the rare “I’m gonna buy the DVD” recommendation. Repeat viewability, where at the LEAST, in 20 years, you can see where we were at this point in civilization.