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This weekend we watched Jungle Cruise and Bad Boys for Life… I wasn’t expecting much but to be mildly entertained for 90-120 minutes, and didn’t even get that. Thankfully these were free rentals from a resort we were staying at. So I didn’t pay for them, but it is a few hours I will never get back.

Knowing that Jungle Cruise was re-written twice, how bad were the first 2 iterations? That was a steaming pile of trash, and we are both Disney fans and love most Disney films. What a garbage movie. How many times does Dwayne Johnson need to play the same exact role over and over? It was like they just stole parts of National Treasure, Mummy, Indiana Jones, and a bit from Pirates of the Caribbean. The whole submarine thing? trash. Not at all what I was expecting from this movie, and it significantly underperformed my low expectations.

Bad Boys was completely predictable (not surprising, but come on) and way, way over the top (I know, Jerry Bruckheimer). Almost completely recycled previously plot points from the first 2 movies, and typical Jerry Bruckheimer over-the-top, exploding cars, shooting while on motorcycles, etc. action scenes. :bored: