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ex_goldy wrote:

The Guilty on Netflix

Jake Gillenhal is a 911 operator and he takes calls on his shift. Another Netflix movie that takes place in one room and is low budget. 99.9% of dialogue is Jake on the phone sitting in a 911 call center. All scenes are in the call center with Jake on the phone, no action in any other location.

How many Netflix movies take place in one room?

I need a list so I can avoid them.

Just watched this. The one-room thing was due to the pandemic. The director actually directed from a van, due to someone getting the Rona on the set.

The action is all mental, and I loved it. As the layers of the story were peeled back, more and more questions popped up on to which way this movie was going, and what all the backstories were.

I thought it was taut, nothing overly dramatic, and the ending/end scene was done very well (the actual scene, not the skyline scene at the very end). If you like dialogue and character study, I think you would like this one.