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    Zwak wrote:

    ex_goldy wrote:

    The Guilty on Netflix

    Jake Gillenhal is a 911 operator and he takes calls on his shift. Another Netflix movie that takes place in one room and is low budget. 99.9% of dialogue is Jake on the phone sitting in a 911 call center. All scenes are in the call center with Jake on the phone, no action in any other location.

    How many Netflix movies take place in one room?

    I need a list so I can avoid them.

    I know The Guilty was filmed right in the middle of the pandemic so that may be why it was limited to one room so they could limit exposures. I read that the director had been exposed to COVID so he wasn’t on site for some of the filming. He directed remotely from a van about a block away.

    Last night I watched Freaky (HBO MAX). Basically it’s a body switching movie like Big and Freaky Friday but the difference is the body switches are between a serial killer played by Vince Vaughn and a high school girl. I really enjoyed the movie. Vince Vaughn was especially funny acting like a high school girl.

    I just assumed Freaky sucked….who knew?