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ex_goldy wrote:

The Guilty on Netflix

Jake Gillenhal is a 911 operator and he takes calls on his shift. Another Netflix movie that takes place in one room and is low budget. 99.9% of dialogue is Jake on the phone sitting in a 911 call center. All scenes are in the call center with Jake on the phone, no action in any other location.

How many Netflix movies take place in one room?

I need a list so I can avoid them.

Locke basically is a movie that takes place in a car, with the driver: (Tom Hardy) just talking on the phone, and it’s excellent.

Hell, Reservoir Dogs mainly takes place in a warehouse (with bad audio) and that movie is awesome.

Those movies rely solely on the acting. No CGI, no action, just dialogue…trial by fire, basically.

Just because it’s one location/room…I won’t immediately dismiss it.