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The Rube wrote:

Blood Red Sky (Netflix streaming):

A woman with a mysterious illness is forced into action when a group of terrorists attempt to hijack a transatlantic overnight flight.

It’s in the trailer, so not a spoiler; the simple summary is that this is Blade, the German version. On a plane. However, it is really well done, with the conscience, the drama, etc. Some nice action, not TOO over the top. A very nice left turn is thrown in there, and not one you would expect. Quite entertaining, very solid movie.

So I watched this.

The parts dubbed over in the beginning were a little dramatic and did not quite fit the desired demeanor imho (the “kid” voice was way too exited).

This movie made me want to re-watch prison break.

[hide]even without Rube’s synopsis this was immediately evident as a vampire/zombie movie.[/hide]

It got more interesting as the movie went on. I’m not the movie critic Rube is. It was an okay waste of a couple midnight hours.

I despise dubbing. It never really captures the true tone/translation of the dialogue. While I understand why people hate subtitles, I prefer that option so much more.

I feel like there is good dubbing and bad dubbing. Some of the older Jackie Chan movies have comically bad dubbing. The Netflix series Lupin is done in French but dubbed into English and the dubbing isn’t as noticeable to me.