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Karlsson wrote:

I’m still planning on watching it. Rube is one of the very few I’ve seen not like it. (Other than people that can’t stand the comicbook things, obviously) I’ve really liked Gunn’s other stuff. Not saying Rube is wrong, I’m just giving it a shot regardless.

There are moments and aspects that are awesome. However, there are things that I absolutely hated, which tallied equally to the things I loved, and given that it’s been 5(ish?) years to make it great, and it did not do that, compounds the disappointment in it. They had time to fix everything, and nope, didn’t accomplish that.

Honestly, if one took the best of both movies, and combined them, with a decent plot (neither movie had one, I can say that w/o spoiling), we would have a genuine kick-arse winner, no questions asked.