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I can’t speak to Prime but I’d have no problem recommending any of the following from Netflix depending upon one’s tastes. Some hit or miss maybe, and in some cases you have to be ok with subtitles. Some of the following is quite good and I’d put up against any content form any provider:

-Before I Fall (movie)

-How To Become A Tyrant (docuseries)

-Elize Matsunaga: Once Upon A Crime (docuseries)

-Ozark (drama, crime series)

-My kids swear by Elite but I have not watched

-Fear Street 1-3. Campy and reminiscent of Screma/I Know What You Did Last… – but fun

-Sophie: A Murder in West Cork (docuseries)

-The Haunting of Bly Manor and Hill House. Very cerebral, slow building, not for eveyrone

-Captive (docuseries)

-Penguin Town (docuseries)

-Criminal: So far versions from Germany, UK and Spain. Yet to watch France. (Crime series)

-Line of Duty – (UK crime series)

-Lupin – (adventure/mystery series)

-Curon (drama, supernatural series)

-Narcos -(crime, drama)

-Mosul (movie)

-Narcoworld (docuseries)

-Hitler’s Circle of Evil (history series)

-Chef’s Table – all seasons (cooking show)

-50M2 – (drama, crime series)

-The Queen’s Gambit – (drama)

-Plenty of stand up comedy specials including Chapelle, Marc Maron, Tom Segura, John Mulaney, Bill Burr, etc.

-Out Planet (docuseries)

-Seaspriacy (documentary)

-The Dig (movie)

-Pieces of a Woman (movie)

-I Care A Lot (movie)

-Moxie (movie)

-Concrete Cowboy (movie)

-The Alienist (sleuth, crime series)

-Unabomber (nuff said)

-Sentinelle (movie)

-Red Dot (movie)

-Pele (documentary)

-The Fall (crime series)

-Norm Macdonald has a show & Dave Letterman comedians, cars, coffee..

-Mindhunter (crime series)

-Human: The World Within (docuseries)

-The Sinner (crime series)

-Undercover (mystery, thriller series)

-Fauda (action, thriller series)

-Giri/Haji (drama, organized crime series)

-The Devil All The Time (movie)

-Mank (movie)

-Equinox (chilling, drama series)