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Anyone else notice how Netflix movies seem low budget compared to Prime video?

I might be skewed because of what I watch. On Prime I watched Tomorrow war, Without Remorse, The Boys, Yellowstone, all are cinematic great shows/movies, effects, story, acting, big names. Netflix maybe appeals to the cerebral crowd but the effects aren’t as good, and doesn’t measure up. It could be Netflix has to churn out more content but if you compare Netflix Jupiter’s Legacy to The Boys, I’m definitely choosing The Boys on Prime. Stowaway (Anna Kendrick) and Away (Hilary Swank) on Netflix compared to Prime video Tomorrow War (Chris Pratt). Hands down for me is Tomorrow War. BTW Tomorrow War is a movie I would watch again. I’m a huge fan of time travel sci-fi, like Edge of Tomorrow.

Netflix has movies like American Son. Entire movie is in a police station waiting room. I’m seeing better content on Prime lately. Anyone else notice this or am I missing great content?