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Karlsson wrote:

Slap Shot wrote:

Is there a less interesting MCU character than Renner’s yet I believe he’s getting a stand alone?

Yeah he’s getting a series. I assume it’ll be used to lead into the young avengers, as Kate Bishop is a character in it.

Almost without a doubt it’ll be largely about introducing Kate Bishop.

While I largely agree Hawkeye is the least interesting of the core group of the Original Avengers, I’m not sure I’d call him boring. He does have some interesting plotlines they could touch on in the show that we’ve only seen glimpses of in the MCU. What happened in Budapest (touched on in Black Widow), his Ronin saga after The Snap, his time under Loki’s mind control from the scepter… all things that could theoretically have been big plot lines that got set aside (namely Budapest and Ronin Hawkeye) due to movie time limits. Hell, how he even got the skills that he has basically hasn’t been discussed.