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Hitmans wife’s bodyguard

This is the second hitmans bodyguard movie. I didn’t see the first one but likely if you liked that one you’ll like this one. Ryan Reynolds, Samual Jackson, Selma Hyak is the wife. This is a typical running dialogue of Ryan Reynolds type movie. Reminded me of Woody Allen movies with his constant talking and how victimized he is. Only every chance to insert Mother F’er was not missed. I didn’t realize how much swearing there is in his movies. Mother F’er was in every conversation.

Plot is bad guy (Antonio Banderas) hires bad guy hacker to inject a computer virus into the internet with a diamond drill (sparkly diamonds, not industrial type but never mind) that will destroy financial markets since he’s pissed Greece didn’t get financial support from the EU. There’s a bad guy hacker who demonstrates it and it was amazing how well it worked. Ryan, Samual, and Selma have to stop him. So suspend all reality and just enjoy the swearing and violence.