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Monster (not the Charlize one; Netflix streaming):

A smart, likeable, 17-year-old film student from Harlem sees his world turned upside down when he’s charged with a murder. We follow his dramatic journey through a complex legal battle.

A very well-presented movie about a young man’s trial over having a part in a robbery, that ended up in a murder. Told from the point of view from the main character, in other words, lots of voice-over. It was honest, at times raw, touching, and made you think a little. It shows how the legal system really is, the emotions and facts and presentation of a court case. Slight hint to how people read cases in the news (they don’t always hear all the testimony, or how it’s told).

Definitely recommend, it wasn’t overly dramatic, the ending is predictable, but not necessarily in a Hollywood fashion. There is an aftermath/are side effects that are shown throughout the movie. Things that one might not think about.