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Beauner wrote:

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Beauner wrote:

New Mortal Kombat movie was super fun.

Not interested, but read two reviews today (Star Trib, and I forget where I saw the other). Star Trib one first, both are summarized/paraphrased.

1. This is not trying to get new fans. It gives current fans what they want, which is insane action and bloodshed. It succeeds in that. (favorable review overall)

2. This is a horrid movie, all it is, is one giant action scene with multiple fights, and probably the end of video game movies. Zero plot, zero intelligence, might as well just play the video game itself. (obviously non-favorable plot).

Feels like the second review 1) didn’t do anything to figure out what Mortal Kombat was and 2) expected a Christopher Nolan deep thinking movie created out of a video game vicious fights to the death with superhumans and monsters from other realms.

If you read what review #1 said about it not trying to reach new fans then review #2 makes total sense. I have zero interest in this movie because it looks like hot garbage. Nothing personal about anyone that feels differently.