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The Rube wrote:

Re-watched Goonies. It was that or Smokey And The Bandit, no bad choice there, really. (private collection)

Just wanted something mindless and goofy. Fit the bill. Plus, fun to see Josh Brolin, Sean Astin, and Kerri Green in first(ish?) roles. Martha Plimpton, also, but meh on her career, IMO. Many other future “stars” in that. One of the Fratellis was in the Matrix, the Mom was the Lethal Weapon Psychiatrist, the OTHER Fratelli brother was in “Kill The Irishman,” the Fratelli mom was in countless movies, Sloth was John Matuszak (NFL player)…..the list goes on….

Loved Goonies as a 10 year old, but it’s hard to watch as an adult. The dialogue is super weird and there are way too many plot holes for my developed brain to ignore.

Waiting patiently for Jup’s ban.