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Primer (Netflix Disc):

If you liked this one, the same director made Upstream Color about a decade later. Just as confusing.

It was more art-house beret-wearing “film” than anything. Blech. Understood it perfectly, but ugh. How high in the air can one’s nose go?

I saw Upstream Color at the theater in the Walker Art Center. The director was there and there was a Q&A after the movie. Only took about 15 minutes of questions. Every person who had a question asked about the meaning of the movie or the meaning of a certain thing in the movie. The director was very snotty about it. His art was open to interpretation. The film means whatever you want it to mean. He thought it was a film where you watch it and go to a coffee shop afterwards with your friends to discuss it. I don’t know if I have rolled my eyes more in my life than that moment.