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Anna (Netflix disc):

Beneath Anna Poliatova’s striking beauty lies a secret that will unleash her indelible strength and skill to become one of the world’s most feared government assassins.

Rather standard spy/action/twisty popcorn movie, told in a sort of flashback way. They show part of the story, then they go to the (x) amount of time earlier, and bring you up to speed on how it got to that moment. Helen Mirren is excellent in her role as a top KGB agent. Cillian Murphy plays the CIA counterpart, and is serviceable, but I think the role was a little beneath his talents. Sasha Luss, who plays Anna, is decent, but frankly any actress with marginal talent could have done the role.

A good weekend afternoon time-killer, but nothing better nor worse than that. I did get a chuckle reading the IMDB page stuff, and under “Body Count,” it was listed as “At least 75.” :D