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Kelly RedKelly Red

    Zwak wrote:

    Movies I watched over the weekend on Netflix:

    The Take: Idris Elba plays a CIA operative who works with a pickpocket to help uncover a terrorist plot. Honestly I thought the story idea was a good one. The execution was not good. To many coincidences and implausibilities.

    Homefront: Jason Statham plays an ex DEA agent who moves into the bayou. James Franco plays a back water drug manufacturer who finds out about Statham’s DEA past and mayhem ensues. Honestly, I enjoyed this movie.

    Unknown: Liam Neeson plays a Dr. who is involved in a car accident and forgets who he was. It doesn’t help that the people he thought he knew now say they don’t know him. He spends the rest of the movie trying to figure who he is with the help of Diane Kruger This was a pretty good movie too.

    OK, you had me at Jason Statham moves to the bayou. I’m assuming at some point he’s shirtless and sweaty? You know, just because it’s hot in the bayou, not for any ridiculous reason, just practical. :dup: