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Greyeagle wrote:

Jupiter wrote:

So… I have seen all the Harry Potter movies. Watching the last one right now.

What the yell is Voldemort’s deal? He wants to kill Harry for what reason? To take over a school? I mean this cannot be the real reason right? To rule all the people at a school?

Pretty much.

If someone at the school had said, “Hey Harry, this nutty dude is trying to kill you for some reason. If you need help come see us.” the series would have been a pamphlet. :D

I mean, partly he wanted to kill Harry because his ultimate goal was to become immortal and (likely) wipe out muggles (normal people) in some sort of mass genocide.

Hogwarts was essentially the capital of the Wizarding world so him taking over Hogwarts would have essentially been akin to a hostile entity overhrowing the White House.

He was trying to kill Harry to gain immortality (the prophecy that neither can live while the other survives) and gain the power of the Deathly Hallows (he’d have the elder wand and the cloak of invisibility by killing Harry and probably would have been able to find the resurrection stone again if he really wanted it since Harry dropped it right outside where he went to meet Voldemort).

By killing Harry and taking Hogwarts he would have become unquestionably the most powerful wizard on earth. After that it likely would have expanded into some sort of genocide against non-magical beings (there are references in the books about how the killing of muggles basically becomes sport for the death eaters). JK Rowling has stated in interviews that she based some of his traits off of Hitler and Stalin, and the name Voldemort is very close to the German word for genocide (Volkermord). So that likely would have been his endgame had he succeeded.