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Scott Hall, aka Razor Ramon and WWE Hall of Famer, dead after multiple heart attacks.

RIP Razor Ramon. :(

Considering his addiction to the bottle during his career, along with the career choice itself…led a pretty long life. If I read correctly, the heart attacks were from complications for a hip surgery…

Correct. I believe he developed a blood clot after his hip surgery and the clot is what they are saying caused the heart attacks.

This one hit hard for me. Scott Hall and the NWO was getting huge right as I started getting into pro wrestling (7-8 years old). He has always been one of my favorites because of that (the Razor Ramon persona was before my time).

I remember Scott Hall from his first days in wrestling in the AWA, teamed with Curt Hennig and tag-team champions. He became a great worker in the ring and with the mic as well. The whole WCW-NWO angle was sheer genius.

Became familiar with him as Razor Ramon, and yes, the NWO thing (especially with Hulk) was genius. That was a game-changer.