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ex_goldy wrote:

Netflix is releasing season 4 of Ozark. I was hooked season 1, barely got through season 2, and haven’t looked at 3. I was amazed they got season 3 made. Anyone recommend it or watching it?

I found season two so beyond believable I didn’t care what happened to the characters anymore. It was a mash up of dramas that didn’t seem to relate and the writers randomly made up each week. This could describe other shows I like but for some reason this one annoyed me.

I thought each season was watchable, but I agree that it’s been on a linear decline. I think some of these shows are just a rehash of the same theme season after season. Billions, for example, is always about how Chuck is going to sink Bobby Axlerod, no matter the personal cost. They really need to add new plot elements to make it more interesting and entertaining. Ozark is the same kind of show.