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    fightclub30 wrote:

    The Rube wrote:

    Jimmy Carr: His Dark Material (Netflix Streaming):

    I started this, just cannot get into it. There are a lot of comedians I just don’t find that funny. John Pinette (RIP) and Christopher Titus are my favorite. I got to see John Pinette at MOA shortly before he died after he had lost a bunch of weight. Was such a funny guy.

    I am a prude I guess, just not into constant crude sexual humor or comedians who swear every fifth word. In no surprise, I cannot stand Amy Schumer at all.

    Both those guys told stories, maybe that is why I liked them so much? Anyone have any comedians similar to those 2 they can recommend?

    Jim Gaffigan is known as the best “clean” comic but Brian Regan is also very good