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The Rube wrote:

MNGophers29 wrote:

So I watched it. I haven’t watched one of his whole sets before but I was a bit disappointed. Some of the shorter clips or roast clips were awesome compared to this special. His laugh is odd too but then he poked fun at himself so I didn’t think anything of it, but it wasn’t as dark as some of the stuff I have seen of his.

I am now REALLY intrigued. I have added some past specials to my list. Thank you.

The first one I would tell you to watch is the roast of Justin Bieber. But any of the clips of his other stuff, he doesn’t laugh and is pretty deadpan which I find hilarious. Certain comedians laughing at their own stuff is awesome (Redd Foxx) but he is more like Daniel Tosh.

Anyway, it’s 6 and 1/2 dozen of the other but I just didn’t find this new one as good as the last stuff I have watched.