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    Iceburg wrote:

    Slap Shot wrote:

    I’m looking forward to starting Ken Burns’ Benjamin Franklin.

    I recorded that last night not knowing it was a Burns’ project. Now I’m doubly excited to watch it today.

    This was fascinating, so many facts about the Rwvokutionary War that you “kinda” knew, like that we wouldn’t have won our independence without France’s massive help but it almost bankrupted their country in the process. The war estranging him from his son was interesting. I also didn’t know that at the time of the Declaration of Inpendence Franklin was 66 and Thomas Jefferson was 32. The Continental Congress hashing out the Constitution in 1787 and all the crazy options they considered: Alexander Hamilton wanted a President who was elected for life (yikes!) and Franklin wanted a three person committee to head the executive branch. Also found it amusing that at the time they were working out the Constitution in Philly Franklin had debilitating gout and kidney stones so bad he had to be carried to Independence Hall every day and take opium tinctures.