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Watching part 1 of Get Back with a huge smile on my face.

Watched the first 2 parts last night, a little slow in some sections but better than I expected. Watching them write songs when you know how it’s gonna come out is riveting. Also kind of shoots down the blame Yoko narative. There’s also some parts when they are obviously high that are funny. Seems like they were trying to hide it but there’s one shot where Ringo pops up from behind a separator and coughs out a hit that’s gold. Lennon asking if Tucson is in Arizona is great, too.

Watching them create was awesome. Paul pulling Get Back out of thin air and conceiving half of Abbey Road in the middle of their recording Let it Be is insane. John would come in with great songs he wrote the night before, and George had enough material it eventually because the triple-album All Things Must Pass. And to the untrained eye Ringo was no slouch. He’s one of the most respected drummers of all time, for YEARS was the highest paid session drummer, and there’s stories about innovative he was as a drummer. I mean THEY were excited as hell to have him replace Pete Best.

Yoko was an influence to some degree. Her and John were reportedly mired in a heroin addiction at the time, and he began spending more and more time with her meaning less time to write with Paul. But that’s not her fault per se that’s just life. The bigger impetus than Yoko was their hiring of Allen Klein at the protest of Paul, despite the Rolling Stones telling them not to and a host of others. That drove a wedge between Paul and the other 3 who sadly after it was too late realized he was a bad dude.

What’s crazy is how young they were and fast they progressed from Please Please Me & I want To Hold Your Hand to Strawberry Fields, Helter Skelter, etc. Paul was only 26 during these sessions. It was inevitable they were going to break up but Klein imho hastened the result.

Oh yeah regarding Ringo, when Dave Grohl – the supposed anti-capitalist worth $300+ million sings your praises as an influence – that’s good enough for me. :wink: