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    MATT wrote:

    Slap Shot wrote:

    I have that in my a queue but it looks like it’s going to be Saw on steroids?

    Way more substance than Saw!

    streakygopher wrote:

    MATT wrote:

    Squid Game – Netflix Streaming – 9 Episode Korean Drama/Thriller

    I’ve read some highly critical reviews that the english subtitles/dubbing was so far off that those fluent in both languages are claiming if you don’t understand Korean, you didn’t watch the show. :)

    Yeah, I read that too – and that it was mainly with the English dub and the closed captions for the dub. The English subtitles were supposedly much better. I watched with the Korean Audio and English subtitles.


    So the complaint is with the English dub or the English Subtitles? I didn’t know they had it dubbed as I had the English Subtitles