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The Rube wrote:

Slap Shot wrote:

Disassociative is what they now call MPD. He was likely coo coo but I don’t buy he had multiple personalities.

Yeah, that fourth ep definitely swayed me against the multiple. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are multiples out there, but it wasn’t this guy. And there are different disassociative disorders, which I briefly googled.

Dissassociative Identity Disorder is what it is called now (DSM-5 key elements are: the presence of at least two distinct and separate personalities within an individual. Although multiple personalities (alters) exist within a single person, only one is manifested at a time; each with its own memories, behaviors and life preferences. At least two of these identities take control of a person’s conduct at any given time. Lastly, it is critical that the observed disturbances are not a consequence of a substance (drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction) or a general medical condition, e.g., epileptic seizure)).

There are a handful of dissassociative disorders in the DSM-5 but DID is the one people refer to when referring to multiple personalities.

The others are most commonly disassociative amnesia (repressing/inability to remember parts of your life – typically traumatic events), or dissassociative fugue (though this is typically a short term event, whereas DID and DA can be longer lasting). Depersonalization-derealization disorder falls in that family as well, where people report feeling outside of their own body and watching the world around them happen to them, as though almost watching it on TV.

Dissassociative disorders are most frequently a result of severe trauma, and manifest as a way for the brain to try to maintain function and separate the pain from the rest of life.

I get to read stories about this (real life stories) on a semi-regular basis for work (semi-regular used loosely, because DID in particular is an exceptionally rare diagnosis, DA, DF, and D-D are more common, but not as common as many of the other mental health/substance abuse issues I see-perhaps in part due to the fact that a lot of people suffering from these disorders also self medicate with drugs/alcohol).