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    Greyeagle wrote:

    Has anyone else watched 100 Foot Wave on HBO? It’s six episodes and tracks surfer Garret McNamara and others as they first begin to surf Nazara, Portugal and then their quest to ride a 100 foot wave, which apparently has long been the Holy Grail of big wave surfers.

    The surf video and interactions between the surfer, PW, and spotter are fantastic and the toll it takes on their bodies is incredible. The backstory stuff gets a little fluffy and long IMHO but it’s still worth a watch. One guy caught an 80 foot wave in one of the early seasons (8 story building :shock: ) and watching surfers try to ride the power of the waves and ocean is amazing. Looks like someone caught a 102 foot wave there in 2020 after the filming ended but I think there is some video on YouTube of the ride.



    I really enjoyed it. I would absolutely love to visit that lighthouse some day….seeing that break in person would have to be mind blowing.