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    Loki finale: Brilliant

    [hide]definitely did not expect this series to introduce an Avengers level villain like Kang[/hide]

    [hide]It was well known that Kang was coming in this series but note he would never say that his name was Kang. I believe his big intro will be in the next Ant Man but that’s not until 2023. Majors is in the process of being the next breakout actor. [/hide]

    [hide]I knew Kang was going to be the main villain in Antman Quantumania and was probably going to be introduced in this series in some way, just didn’t think they’d go that hard with it right away. Majors is going to be brilliant.[/hide]

    Hearing now that the show runners let him improvise that scene. He moved a lot more than they expected. You can actually see it when you watch it again. He moves, then the camera moves to keep him in the shot. :lol: Guy is crazy talented.