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Viking wrote:

The Rube wrote:

Finally finished Deadwood (series only, have yet to see the movie).

While very good, the ending was anti-climatic, but at least it provided closure, before being cancelled/not renewed.

The series was canceled/not renewed rather unexpectedly if remember correctly. So the final of the series was actually more of a season ending. The movie tried to tie up everything in 1 shot rather than doing a final season. It sucks that it had to go that way.

Reading into it on wiki, that seemed to be the case, which is why I was thankful that all the storylines “closed” at the end of S3. “Brotherhood” (SHO series a few years back) had the same demise, and that show also had closure.

As for the movie, the article said that it was going to be 2 2-hour movies, then it became 1 2-hour movie, and it was just a mess trying to get the project done from the start. I’ll probably watch it tomorrow.