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Watching the ESPN E:60 story on Drew Robinson. Pro baseball player who had been up and down in the majors and battling depression for years. It all came to a head last April.

He attempted to commit suicide by shooting himself in the head.

Survived. Called 911 about 20 hours later (after walking to his bed and falling asleep) to report it. E:60 showed the bodycam footage of the police answering the call thinking it was an ambush, because he said he shot himself in the head last night and is still alive and nobody believed it was real. Body cam footage showed some gore so if you’re squeamish it may be worth turning away from.

Incredible story. He’s very candid about everything, doesn’t hold anything back.

Strongly recommend watching.

You never know who is going through what. Reach out to your loved ones, friends, etc.

He’s back playing baseball now, in AAA. With one eye. It’s incredible that he’s still alive, let alone playing professional baseball again.

Couple weeks ago he did this


Edit to add: Here is the link to the article. It has a video clip.

Pretty sure the full video is on ESPN+


Edit 2: It will also be re-aired on ESPNews on June 1 at 10pm, June 5 at 7am, and June 6 at 11pm.

As well as June 9th on ESPN2 at 4am.

For those with DVR that want to watch. Highly highly recommend.