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The Rube wrote:

Friends Reunion (HBO Max):

It was what I was expecting, and it was really fun. I never looked up any of the trivia/behind the scenes stuff, so all that was new to me, and really interesting. The bloopers were great, the general feel of the re-uniting of the cast felt genuine. A good watch.

FTR, I still think Rachel should have gotten on that plane. It would have elevated the series even higher. But, that’s not the ending the audience wanted, so…..

I liked it for the most part. Pretty well done. Lots of LOL moments. Not sure why they had the part where they interviewed the fans of Friends from around the world. The other part I was not a fan of was having celebs who were never part of the show included on the reunion. I would love a show like that for Cheers or Seinfeld.