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g-manpuck wrote:

The Rube wrote:

Mayans MC, season finale:


My thoughts on each character:

[hide]EZ – not surprised on how that played out

Bishop – definitely curious how that played out

Marcus/Nestor – now what do they do?

Emily – She isn’t safe anywhere she goes

Miguel – I believe Potter played him just to get him to move to where he wanted him to go

Adelita – is being played by Potter

The knock on the front gate?[/hide]

So now we wait. :evil:


[hide]Marcus: He goes back to being a Mayan, all respect him. He may be not be a prez, but an advisor of sorts.

Potter/Galindo/Adelita…who the eff knows? Potter plays 3D chess. With the assassination…Potter wants what the US wants for Mexican gov’t, and Galindo/Adelita can put that in place. We think. Maybe.

Santo Padre go rogue (they are not the founding chapter)?

Does EZ find out about what his Pops told his girl? That would be rough.

Is Angel really 100% on Nails, or is it what he thinks he wants? [/hide]